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Corsully Vom Leerburg (call name "Sully")


Sully is deceased. He was a true working dog that is missed dearly.
Sully is a black sable of substancial size, about 90lbs lbs. He is big boned with a large head and rich pigment. Sully has a very outgoing temperament. He is good with children and is a real easy dog to be around, yet Sully is an extremely hard dog. By that I mean he requires a firm correction and accepts it if justified. He does not tolerate any pressure from people he is not bonded to. Sully is an extremely hardworking dog with a very, very intense prey and fight drive. He has such a high level of ball and retrieve drive that when throwing a tennis ball, Sully is a dog that would pass out before he quit chasing it. Sully's pedigree speaks for itself in him. He has been bred and linebred on some of the best European worklines there are. I feel fortunate to have acquired this dog and honored to have Sully as my personal canine partner and stud dog here at Kozie's


Great Grandparents
Great Great Grandparents

Otis Vom Jacobiner Schloss
Sire(Certified Dual Purpose Police Dog)
Mink Vom Haus Wittfeld
(SCH 3, FH)
Ylo Vom Waldeckhoe
(SCH 3)
Grief Zum Lahntal
(SCH 3, FH, INT)
Gabi Von Der Pollerburg
(SCH 2)
Cora Vom Haardblick
(SCH 3)
Ignaz Vom Oberscholvernerweg
(SCH 3, FH)
Dora Von Der Rixbecker Alpen
(SCH 3)
Hydra Vom Jacobiner
(SCH 3, FH)
Jupp Vom Korbelbach
(SCH 3, IPO 3)
Acco Vom Bungalow
(SCH 3, FH)
Umsa Vom Bungalow
(SCH 3, FH, IPO 3)
Yasmine Vo Petze
(SCH 3, IPO 3)
Sagu Vom Busecker Schloss
(SCH 3, FH, IPO 3)
Gusti Vom Petzke
(SCH 2)
Rachel Vom Leerburg
Dam("OFA" Good)
Orfey Vom Haus Antverps
(IPO 1, OFA Good)
Gento Vom Haus Larwin
Roby Vom Glockeneck
(East German)
Cheeta Vom Haus Larwin
Iwa Vom Karthago
(SCH 1, KKLL "A")
Harro Vom Lechrainstadt
(SCH 3, FH)
Quitte Vom Karthago
(SCH 2)
Derby Vom Leerburg
Queck Von Der Krotteeck
(SCH 3, OFA)
Gildo Vom Korbelbach
(SCH 3, FH, IPO 2)
Vroni Von Der Krotteeck
(SCH 3)
Hanna Vom Leerberg
(OFA Good)
Nantan V Bussecker Schloss
(SCH 3, FH, OFA "Excellent")
Linn Von Der Muhlen Griecht
(OFA "Good")