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Meg vom Kozies (call name "Meg")


Meg is a dark sable with rich pigment aprox' 78lbs. She's thick bodied with nice bone and has excellent movement. Meg is very personal, loves kids and enjoys playing with other dogs. She is a calm, easy dog to be around, but when it comes to prey drive she is a dog that will have your arm sore before she would quit retrieving the ball. Like her mother Fida, Meg is a dog that use's her nose extremely well and is very alert to her surroundings.



Great Grandparents
Great Great Grandparents

Brax auf Kozies
OFA: GS-77256G74M
Corsully Vom Leerburg
OFA: GS-57077G24M
Otis Vom Jacobiner Schloss
Sire(Certified Dual Purpose Police Dog)
Mink Vom Haus Wittfeld
(SCH 3, FH)
Hydra Vom Jacobiner
(SCH 3, FH)

Rachel Vom Leerburg
Dam("OFA" Good)

Orfey Vom Haus Antverps
(IPO 1, OFA Good)
Derby Vom Leerburg
Blanka Vom Haus Gidcumb
OFA: GS-61206F29F

Bruno Von Der Kalenborner Hohe
Sire(IPO 3, FH "A" Normal)

Gildo Vom Korbelbach
(SCH 3, IPO 3)
Ora Von Karthago
(SCH 1)
Nova Vom Kuhnhof
Dam(OFA "Good")
Addi Von Der Tonteichen
(SCH 2, FH 2)
Xina Vom Kuhnhof
(SCH 3)

Fida vom Kozies
OFA: GS-78906F26F
Ringo auf Kozies
OFA: GS-75504G26M

Usus von den Schwedenschanzen
(DDR), Sch 1


Tino vom Felsenschlob
(DDR), Sch 3 , FH 2, IPO 3
normal “a”
Nancy von den
(DDR), Sch1, "a" normal
Meise vom Elfenscholb
Cliff vom Schwedenbrunnen
Sch 3, FH 1, normal “a”
Dinga vom Elfenschlob
Sch 1 normal“a”
Lydia auf Kozies
OFA: GS-72361G39F-PI
Champ v. Kretzschauer Land
Zorro von der Wildsau 
SchH2, "a" normal 
Quelle vom Haus Böhm
SchH3,"a" normal 
Fida z Pohranicni Stráze
Grim z Pohranicni stráze
a' 0/0 WUSV,5UM,UMS CR
Denny Kub-Duch CS
ZVV 1 a"0/0