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Kane vom Kozies (call name "Kane")


Kane is the current duel certified patrol/detection dog for LeSueur County, MN. Kane’s a very handsome dark sable that is aprox’ 92lbs. He is a thick bodied, big boned, muscular dog with a very striking head. Kane has strong drive’s with a no quit attitude. He is a tough hard dog with pronounced fight drive, but yet he is an outgoing, easy dog to be around with a very level head.

This is a dog that I liked so much as a young dog I initially was going to keep him here at Kozie’s for my personal dog. But the way it ended up, I put the foundation training and police academy preparation skills in obedience-agility-tracking and bite work on him and placed him with my neighboring County Police Dept’. Kane and his handler took top dog honors at the Minneapolis Police academy. I am proud to have produced a dog like Kane and grateful to have the opportunity to have him as a stud dog here at Kozies.



Great Grandparents
Great Great Grandparents

Racker vom
(SCH 3 Kkl1)
V Glenn von der Huhnergasse
FH1 IP3)
SG Manto Vom Kahlenbach

SG Lord vom Gleisdreieck
(Sch 3 V-DDR-MS FH3)

Julia vom Kahlenback
(SCH 3)
V Ella vom Hirschentanz
(SCH 3)

VBrix vom Kapfwald
(1991 BSP SIEGER, 2x V BSP,
SCH 3 FH )
V Sindy von der Wotansschmiede
( SCH 1
G Meggy vom Gleisdreieck
( DDR SCH 2)
G Mingo vom Rummelplatz
V Markant aus Westsachsen
(SCH 3 FH PSH 3)
SG Cilli vom Rummelplatz
(SCH 2)
SG Venus vom Gleisdreieck
(SCH 3)
SG Lord Vom Gleisdreieck
G Pippi vom Gleisdreieck
(SCH 2 FH)

Craven Vom Kozie
OFA: GS-71162G25F
Corsully Vom Leerburg
OFA: GS-57077G24M
Otis Vom Jacobiner Schloss
Sire(Certified Dual Purpose Police Dog)

Mink Vom Haus Wittfeld
(SCH 3, FH)

Hydra Vom Jacobiner
(SCH 3, FH)
Rachel Vom Leerburg
Dam("OFA" Good)
Orfey Vom Haus Antverps
(IPO 1, OFA Good)

Derby Vom Leerburg

Blanka Vom Haus Gidcumb
OFA: GS-61206F29F
Bruno Von Der Kalenborner Hohe
Sire(IPO 3, FH "A" Normal)
Gildo Vom Korbelbach
(SCH 3, IPO 3)
Ora Von Karthago
(SCH 1)
Nova Vom Kuhnhof
Dam(OFA "Good")
Addi Von Der Tonteichen
(SCH 2, FH 2)
Xina Vom Kuhnhof
(SCH 3)