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Craven Vom Kozies (call name "Ava")


is a sable with rich pigment, and is about 82 lbs. She has nice bone, very impressive beautiful head and her movement is flawless as it gets. This girl is a true standard to the working German Shepherd breed. Ava has an outgoing temperment. She is a very hard dog, what I mean by that is, Ava can handle a real strong correction and it does not effect her temperment and working level. She is real civil to handler and other canine. Ava is a dog they call “an easy keep”. Her drives are very pronounced. With the type of temperment and working drive that Ava demonstrates, I am looking forward to introducing her to Kozies breeding program.



Great Grandparents
Great Great Grandparents

Corsully Vom Leerburg
OFA: GS-57077G24M
Otis Vom Jacobiner Schloss
Sire(Certified Dual Purpose Police Dog)
Mink Vom Haus Wittfeld
(SCH 3, FH)
Ylo Vom Waldeckhoe
(SCH 3)
Cora Vom Haardblick
(SCH 3)
Hydra Vom Jacobiner
(SCH 3, FH)
Jupp Vom Korbelbach
(SCH 3, IPO 3)
Yasmine Vo Petze
(SCH 3, IPO 3)
Rachel Vom Leerburg
Dam("OFA" Good)
Orfey Vom Haus Antverps
(IPO 1, OFA Good)
Gento Vom Haus Larwin
Iwa Vom Karthago
(SCH 1, KKLL "A")
Derby Vom Leerburg
Queck Von Der Krotteeck
(SCH 3, OFA)
Hanna Vom Leerberg
(OFA Good)

Blanka Vom Haus Gidcumb
OFA: GS-61206F29F
Bruno Von Der Kalenborner Hohe
Sire(IPO 3, FH "A" Normal)
Gildo Vom Korbelbach
(SCH 3, IPO 3)
Irus Vom Feltzbachtal
(SCH 3, ZH 2, IPO 3)
Ulsa Vom Bungelow
(SCH 3, IPO 3, FH)
Ora Von Karthago
(SCH 1)
Falko Von Haus Sindern
(SCH 3, IPO 3)

Quitte Von Karthago
(SCH 3)

Nova Vom Kuhnhof
Dam(OFA "Good")
Addi Von Der Tonteichen
(SCH 2, FH 2)
Birko Von Der Wolfschohle
(SCH 3, FH)
Blanka Von Althuttendorfed-Land
(SCH 1)
Xina Vom Kuhnhof
(SCH 3)
Andy Von Deer Bildsaule
(SCH 3, FH, PH 2, WPO)
Arca Von Albfels
(SCH 3)